Viral message  of “The ways of guitarist”: If you have talent, you can write songs. If there is no talent, but a good voice, then join the singing competition. If the voice is not good, but playing well, then join the guitar examination, work as a  guitar instructor. If youContinue Reading

How to use Guitar Capo ? This is a lot of guitar beginners want to know question, and now we briefly introduce. Capo is using to change Key, caught on the guitar fretboard, caught in the target fret before the fret line, with a vertical level with the fret line,Continue Reading

There are generally three reasons: 1. Guitar string aging, guitar string through the continuous friction when playing , day by day, finally string will be broken. 2. wrong twist tuning, some beginners do not understand the direction of the twist string, the results of excessive twist lead to broken lines.Continue Reading